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Book Fresh calender test page 

  • $19.95/month for premium 

  • unlimited staff and services

  • can book appointments straight from facebook

  • can sync with google calendar 

  • staff members have levels of access to the bookfresh calendar 

    • if we set it up to sync with google calender, can the staff just edit through their and not be given any access to book fresh?

  • allows multiple business locations (?)

    • check if the company offers this service right now, if it doesn't now it's going to offer it in the near future 

  • lets clients choose a particular staff member for a service or just a service 

    • if we do something like let clients not choose a trainer for a phyiscal therapy appointment, how do we accommodate people like Matt or Robin who only work with a particular trainer? (maybe just tell them not to book online?) 

  • allows you to create events outside of the normal business hours (ex spin and boot camp) 

  • you can put a cap on the nimber of people who can attend a class 

    • scheudling multiple classes with caps is an additional $4.95/month

  • you can sync to and from Google. Please note, it can take several hours for the calendars to sync. This is partly due to restrictions by Google and partly due to prevent BookFresh from running slow. We always suggest adding things directly to your BookFresh calendar. (response from BookFrsh customer support)

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