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Personal Training 


“The Most Advanced Personal Training Comes From a Physical Therapist”


Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Wellness Inc. has a unique “Personal Training with Weight Management & Nutrition Counseling Program” that is like no other in the Bay Area. John Soriano, PT. says that, "exercise can either hurt you or heal you." We use this knowledge of physical therapy and nutrition and apply it to your specialized program.


Benefits of OPTWINC Training 


  • We use injury preventative exercises that strengthen commonly injured areas of the body

  • We have hot packs and cool packs available for soreness, cool down or warm-up solely for our clients

  • We have three locations in the Bay Area

  • Our Certified Personal Trainers are equipped with diverse fitness knowledge and experience

  • Our trainers are multilingual


Clients of OPTW Inc. find increased flexibility and mobility and find they are better able to control and alter their weight, but our services go beyond simple rehabilitation and training. Our friendly staff makes training fun in a relaxing atmosphere. We accept all clients and specialize in adult personal training. OPTW Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, color, disability, etc. Our staff is proud to work with a diverse clientele. Our clients range in age from upper nineties to early twenties and a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds. We even service clients who have special needs due to injury, surgery, or degeneration. These clients find the motivation to gain muscle and lose the fat they have always wanted to lose with the help of our caring staff.


Personal Training with Weight Management & Nutrition Counseling Program

  • Realistic Goal Setting

  • Nutrition and Supplement Counseling

  • Fitness Education and Motivation

  • Physical Exertion vs. Calorie Intake Analysis

  • Creative Fitness Routine

  • Assignment to a Personal Trainer


You can read more about proper eating habits and even start tracking your food on our Nutrition page.

To find out more about this program, call our office at (415) 480-8011

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