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About Us 

At Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Wellness Inc., our staff uses proven methods from many different disciplines in conjunction with the latest in research and technology to help you obtain your goals. For some people the term physical therapy is boring, even frightening; however, OPTWINC therapy is fun and your progress is always measurable. That is why so many people choose us over other Physical Therapy clinics. As a part of our comprehensive services we offer exercises and therapy to a wide spectrum of people and injuries, from acute and chronic to sports and orthopedic.


Our Wellness Division also meets the desires of people in need of personal training, meeting all goals including: fat loss, muscle gain, strength and conditioning, speed training, and more. We also offer massage therapy as a complement to your rehabiliation program or just to improve your overall quality of life. 


We have a flexible EasyPay billing system that works with each client individually and we make qualifying for insurance coverage easy - like it should be.


Areas of Specialization


  • Pre and Post-Operation Physical Therapy

  • Acute and Chronic Physical Therapy

  • Specialized Sports and Orthopedic Injury Rehabilitation

  • Personal Training with Weight Management and Nutrition Counseling


Other Services

We treat a diverse range of physical problems. We can service clients who have limb amputations and replacements; edema and tennis elbow; injury to the spinal cord and arthritis. We treat those with chronic neck pain, back pain, whiplash, and athletic injuries. We provide personal training for clients looking to change their body composition for good.


Benefits of Using OPTWINC

Clients of OPTWINC find increased flexibility and mobility, and decreased pain and stiffness. Clients also come to us for our Personal Training with Weight Management and Nutrition Counseling finding they are able to alter their weight. However, our services go beyond simple rehabilitation and training. Our friendly staff makes rehabilitation fun in a relaxing atmosphere. Typically after therapy is complete our clients continue training with us because they experience a higher standard of living under our care.

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