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My name is Dr. John Soriano, PT.DPT. I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Physical Therapy in 1984 and my Masters in Orthopedic and Manual Therapy in 1998, Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2017. I am also certified as a Nutritionist, Industrial Physical Therapist, and as a Personal Trainer. I have been helping people for over 32 years. I give thanks to physicians, nurse practitioners and medical professionals who have contributed to OPTW Inc.'s continued success. I devoted this page solely to medical professionals to enable them to access necessary information about our services and to renew prescriptions quickly. Do not hesitate to contact us with any comments or questions.


Phone (415) 480-8011
Fax (415) 255-8211
To obtain our UPIN, NPI, Lic#, PT#, or our TIN#, please call our office.

Information for medical professionals

How we work with you and your patients

Many medical professionals in the Bay Area refer their patients to us for physical therapy. Gladly accepting clients we give them the care you would give to them. We take your prescription/referral and work on the specific areas with the specific modalities notated. We can also do comprehensive muscular testing and assessment to effectively treat your patient.

We use the latest manual and technological techniques available to the physical therapy field. At Orthopedic Physical Therapy and Wellness Inc., we treat your patients as unique individuals with specific needs. We never leave a client by themselves or group them together. We give direct care to each client for a minimum of 55 minutes per session. We make therapy fun so the time passes quickly.

How we communicate with medical professionals

We will communicate with you via phone, fax, email, or E-prescription (see form above) to renew referrals monthly. This is a no-hassle option that is required by Medicare and other insurance companies. A simple email or other communication will renew a patient’s prescription allowing their treatment with OPTW Inc. to continue until complete. OPTW Inc. will NEVER nag you or your office.

Physical Therapy Methods/Modalities Provided

  • Acupressure

  • Strain & Counter Strain

  • Myofacial Release

  • Joints and Spinal Mobilization

  • Electro Therapy

  • Ultrasound Therapy

  • Neuro Muscular Therapy

  • Nutrition Counseling

  • Industrial Physical Therapy


We test muscles manually, and we use physical performance tests and measurements.


Accepted insurance carriers

  • AARP

  • Accel

  • Aetna

  • Allied Benefit Systems

  • Benefit Administrative Services

  • Blue Cross/BlueShield

  • Butler Insurance

  • Caprock Health Plans

  • CBCA

  • Cornerstone Preferred Resources


  • Cypress Benefits Administrators

  • Ecom PPO Advisors

  • Emerald Health Network

  • Employees Benefits Management Corps.

  • Evolutions Healthcare Systems

  • GlobalExcel

  • Green Tree Administrators, Inc.

  • HealthMarkets

  • HealthNet

  • HealthSCOPE Benefits

  • HealthSmart Preferred Care, Inc.

  • HealthSmart Benefit Solutions

  • HFN, Inc.

  • Independent Medical Systems

  • Insurance Management Administrators

  • Insurance Design Administrators

  • Insurers Administrative Corporation

  • Intergroup Services Corporation

  • Interplan Health Group

  • RH Administrators

  • S&S HealthCare Strategies, Ltd.

  • Self-Funding Administrators Corp.

  • Texas True Choice

  • Travel Care Services

  • United Healthcare

  • Viant


We also accept Medicare, workers compensation, auto insurance, and personal liabilities lien. 

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